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About Us 关于我们

Belong Wellness is an initiative to help international students have the best experience possible in Australia. Coming to study in a faraway country is both exciting and challenging! You will have experiences and friendships that will stay with you for a lifetime. But you are also far away from family and the things you are familiar with. This is why we have designed the Belong Wellness Program - to offer students a holistic package of services, information and events to help you live, study and think well.

Belong 身心健康项目希望帮助国际留学生在澳洲获得更优质的留学经历。国外留学是一个不同寻常同时也充满挑战的经历。也许在留学的过程中你会遇见珍贵的朋友,但是你仍然远离自己的家人和熟悉的环境。孤独感是留学生中遇到的最大的问题。这也是我们发起Belong身心健康项目的原因,我们希望通过在留学生中推广身心健康的活动,服务,以及通过信息传递帮助我们的留学生能够在异国他乡健康生活,努力学习,正向思考。

International student’s wellbeing is supported by “personal safety, secure accommodation, meaningful local community engagement, having a say in decision-making and good health.” Importantly, overseas students will not be able to maximize their student experience if they are not well and healthy.


Our Team 我们的团队


Ashley Du

Marketing Intern

Ashley is studying for her master’s degree in the University of Sydney Business School and She is a marketing intern at Belong.


Daisy Dai

Wellness Officer

Qian Dai (Daisy), currently working as a wellness officer at Belong. She Obtained her PhD in psychology from the University of Edinburgh (UK), she lectured at Sichuan University in China for five years. She has experiences of conducting research and doing clinical work on mental health with children and adolescents.


Jenny Jia


Jenny Jia is a former international student and editor for Sydney Today, the largest Wechat news channel in Australia. She is a marketing specialist who is passionate about helping international students.

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